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Continuous flow of referrals

C&G philosophy of being Saarthi to each other is of immense value in the overall growth of every member. Members are not only looking for the available opportunity to advocate the fellow members product & services to the customers but are also focused on promoting and creating new opportunities for the fellow members. This results into continuous flow of referrals. C&G website is also a source of referral where customers generate their enquiry and the same is passed on to the nearest C&G Member in that particular category.

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Ease of Collaboration through online meetings

C&G digital platform is in line with the pace of technology and provides the ease of connection with all the stake holders at the click of a button. One can be in touch with the fellow members 24X7 through C&G Saarthi App. The ease of participation in the online weekly Members Business Referral Meet makes one highly productive. Unlike physical meet, one doesn’t have to travel to a meeting venue nor has to incur the cost of the venue fee. The online meetings are free of any charges.

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Learning & trainings

Every member is under taken a 6 weeks mentoring program. The hand holding of each member by the trained team of C&G makes it absolutely easy for a member to understand the mantra to be successful in a Referral & Networking platform. After the mentoring program, there is a regular training on being participative and productive. The trainings are designed to enhance each member’s performance by closely observing the individual developmental needs

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How to become a C&G Member

  • Before you join as a member, we invite you to attend one of our online live business referral meet as a Visitor. It will give you complete clarity about C&G concept and how you too can gain and grow by joining C&G Platform. There is no meeting fee to be paid for the online meetings.
  • To attend the Online Business Referral Meet as a Visitor, you have to register below with the basic details
  • Once registered, you will get the meeting details- Date, Time and the joining link
  • After the meet, one of the C&G leadership Member would speak to you over phone / Video call and would guide you to proceed with the membership process.
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  • Exclusive Membership.
  • Large Marketing Team
  • Continuous Flow Of Referrals from fellow members
  • Continuous Flow Of Referrals from C&G office
  • Brand awareness through weekly online meetings
  • Access to connect with all the members of C&G Pan India
  • Mark of Trust. C&G Members are highly respected by customers for their ethical values & high moral values.
  • Chance to participate at Yearly Exhibitions
  • Regular trainings to sharpen your skills
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