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CONNECT&GROW or C&G is India leading Business Referral Platform which is now digital. The independent business owners join the platform as members and help grow each others businesses by passing referrals. After joining, the members are allotted their respective chapters depending on their geographical locations. Each chapter meets once a week for 2 hours. The meetings are conducted online through digital platforms, where every member gets a chance to talk about his services and educate fellow members. The members pass referrals to each other. The membership in each chapter is exclusive. That means, only one person from each business category is allotted membership in a chapter. Thus locking out the competition. A chapter typically comprises of 50 to 75 members.


C&G is the brain child of Arvind Pandey, a leading Networking Coach and a public speaker. Arvind strongly believes that Your Network is Your Net Worth and to grow your brand, you must grow your network first.

The digital platform of C&G makes it absolutely easy for members to participate from wherever they are in the globe and without the spending of time to travel for physical meetings with other members. It saves them hugely on the costs of physical meeting such as travelling cost, meeting venue costs etc.

C&G Saarthi

C&G Members belive in the philosophy of being Saarthi to each other. Yes The Saarthi, what Lord Krishna was to Arjun

Members promote the fellow members business by advocating it to their own contacts . Its like I connect you with my contacts and you connect me with yours.


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