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C&G is a business referral platform where independent business owners join as member and pass referrals to each other. As the name suggest CONNECT&GROW, the members connect with each other, understand each other’s businesses and help get more customers to each other.

You have to attend one of our online business meet to experience how the members participate in the meetings and pass referrals to each other. Once you have understood the concept, a senior member will talk to you over phone or online, understand your work in detail and guide you with the joining process.
C&G is a business referral platform for independent business owners only. Thus the employees can not join as a member. Once in a while, the employee can represent a Business Owner as a substitute but not always.
To join C&G, your business must be your primary occupation and not the secondary or part time occupation.
No. C&G membership is exclusive. That means you must represent your core business. Your membership represents only one business and not multiple.
C&G does not give any guarantee or assurance of business to any member. C&G is a business referral and networking platform. In networking one gets referrals and businesses provided one joins with the intention to help others. It requires you to build a long lasting relationship to be referred by the fellow members. One must be visible by attending every meet and must gain trust of fellow members.
Being old or new does not restrict a person to join the forum. One must have fair idea and competencies required to fulfill the services.

The online meeting for Visitors and members are absolutely free of any charges.

No. As visitor, you can attend the online meetings maximum two times in a year.
No. C&G provides no guarantee to the product sold or services provided by any member to the fellow members or to the outside customers. C&G keeps a track of the quality of product and services provided by the members through feedback mechanism and do share the feedbacks with the members on a regular basis.
C&G platform works on the principle of being Visible and being Credible. If you are not attending the weekly meetings, you are not visible to the chapter .Not connecting with the fellow members reflects your non interest to build relationship and help others. Such members are requested to discontinue their membership.
Yes. Visitors and Members must come prepared to introduce themselves and their work. They must dress appropriately for the meet and maintain decorum as a true professional.
Yes, once you have attended the online meet as a visitor and have been approved to join, you will receive a code to apply online through C&G website
Every occupation which rely on referrals benefit from networking

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