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Connect Digitally & Grow with Us

Big or Small, every business owner is awaiting for the lockdown to get over. But the worries are much deeper. Who would buy the products & the services, how to create awareness with no marketing budget, where to pay the salaries from CONNECT&GROW (C&G), The Business Referral & Networking Platform is the soothing solution to all the above mentioned financial problems in running our businesses.

At C&G, our members are conducting online business meets even at this stage of lockdown. Members are helping each other get business referrals.

Thus, lockdown or no lockdown, C&G members help grow businesses of each other. Thus they become sales person for each other and that too without any salaries or commissions.

* Since every member is promoting other members business to their own contacts, its complete saving on marketing expenses.

* Credibility- C&G members refer the fellow members business to their own contacts, the trust built is very high. Thus conversion becomes much easier.

So friends, CONNECT&GROW (C&G) is the answer to your business growth in the most easiest & economical ways irrespective of the circumstances.

For further details, please ping at 7989402421

Stay Safe… Stay Home…

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Happy Networking

You are a brand and you need to create awareness of this brand. The best way is to meet more & more people on a daily basis. That’s call Networking.

Proper Networking, which is focused on relationships building makes you a strong personality. You get support, strength, confidence, business growth and long term stability.

If you are not utilizing your Networking platform to Connect & Grow, trust me you are only going to be in same state even after 3,6,12 months. If you want your coming months to be far better than today, than start Networking extensively.

Keep a target to meet one new person every day. Educate him/her about your work and understand what he/she does. Take genuine interest in other's work and see how you can help them grow. As a Networker if we focus on relationship building the rest is pure magic. You grow faster than you ever thought

Happy Networking.

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Networking is an Habit, Effective Networking is an art

Being a Networking Trainer, I often meet individuals who complain that they spent money in XYZ Networking Platform but it never worked for them. They received no business from the fellow members.

The problem is most of those who join such Networking & Referral platform, never know how to use the platform.

Are you Working or Networking?

A smart businessman Works to Network.

He meets people(Tier l) & through them more people (Tier II) and through them more (Tier III) & so on.

The irony is generally most of the folks who join Networking Platform, do not even network properly with fellow members (Tier I) forget generating referrals of Tier II & Tier III.

Networking is an art but before that it’sa habit.

Three Investments Entrepreneurs Need to Make in Themselves

1. Increasing knowledge

an old adage puts it, "the best investment you can ever make is an investment in yourself".

Great entrepreneurs invest and continue to invest in their knowledge base. Legendary investor Warren Buffett reads five to six hours a day. Mark Zuckerberg took Mandarin (Chinese) lessons and now uses the language to expand his business in China, the largest economy in the world.

Businessmen like Buffett and Zuckerberg understand that enhancing and growing their skills and abilities is critical to the survival of their business.

2. Building a Network

It’s said "Your Network is Your Net-Worth"

Sometimes the connections you have are worth much more than money. An entrepreneur with a powerful network has access to influential people in media, potential investors, high-quality talent and business partners.

Networking events are a great way to build your Networks. In addition to increasing the number of people you know, they can improve your networking and communication skills. This ultimately results in having more referrals for your business, and that is good because business referrals are much cheaper than advertising and they creates more opportunities for repeat business.

3. Getting known.

It is often said, "If nobody knows you, nobody can do business with you."

Luckily, entrepreneurs have no excuse to remain in obscurity. Social networking platforms and mobile apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube allow anyone to build a brand at virtually no cost.

More importantly they provide entrepreneurs with the ability to sustain and build relationships with old and new clients, while introducing them to new markets.

One must grab the opportunity to speak at public events, as this is another way to market yourself as an expert and a great way to promote your business to a captive audience. Sharing knowledge and information is a way to establish yourself, and your business. The more you are known, the more people trust you, and thus the more clients you bring in to your business.

Benefits of Networking

Networking Benefits - There are many reasons to Network but the one I find the most result orientated is it helps raise your profile.

Benefit of networking is getting noticed and being visible.

Ensure that you keep every social event and business events so that your face becomes well-known.

You can build a reputation for yourself as a supportive, reliable and knowledgeable person by offering tips and useful information to those who need it.

When you have earned enough respect amongst everyone, you will get referrals much more easily.

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